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Willow and Wood Head Furniture Chick

25 YEARS AGO a father helped his 18 year old daughter build a wall mounted bookshelf that, to this day, still sits in her home holding many treasured possessions. It's been through 13 moves, 5 coats of paint and is still as strong as ever.  That's because it was BUILT WITH LOVE and MADE TO LAST.

As a family business, we take great care to produce quality, functional and beautiful products - all of which are made for longevity and timeless style. Our products are carefully designed by us, in our Gold Coast workshop, where we hand make all of our prototypes to make sure they are "just right". Our craftsmen then produce the products to exact specifications to ensure the quality people have come to expect from Willow & Wood.

Our PHILOSOPHY is simple: We only sell QUALITY, HANDCRAFTED & BEAUTIFUL products that we LOVE and hopefully you LOVE too.

Rebecca - Head Furniture Chick